Thermostat Needed to be Recalibrated

I’ve always considered myself as a type A personality who is always on top of things.

  • I have lists for everything, everything in my home has a place, and I’m never late.

There is rarely a time when something slips between the cracks and I neglect a responsibility or chore. Last month though, I realized that I’d actually forgotten something major and I was desperate to have it fixed. Right as the cooler weather arrived, I turned on my heat pump and waited for the warm air to flow through the air vents. After a few hours though, it finally dawned on me that there wasn’t any heat coming and my home wasn’t getting any warmer. If anything, it was getting colder! Despite having my heat pump serviced a few weeks prior, my heat pump went out and I was left without heat in my home. I immediately contacted the HVAC company and requested an HVAC technician to come fix it. The HVAC technician had dealt with heat pump issues like mine in the past and he was confident that my thermostat wasn’t getting an accurate reading of the temperature of my home. This was causing my heat pump to get confused and not heat my home properly. Once he recalibrated the thermostat though, the heat began pumping through the air vents like I wanted! Before leaving, the HVAC technician recommended that I invest in a smart thermostat since they were more modern and had less technical issues than traditional thermostats.


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