They hadn’t even used a hedge trimmer

I feel like I was caught outside sunbathing in the nude.

For sure, if I was the HOA or anybody else, that would be a cause for concern.

But the fact is my fault is far less intense than naked people in the yard. No, my fault revealed that I have an HVAC component next to my home. There is some archaic rule the HOA says I’m going against because my HVAC equipment can be seen from the street. Now, they’d have to be at the ideal angle on the street to see my HVAC equipment, but it seems they did. But the fault is also quite temporary in nature as well. This all started when my kids asked if they could make some cash this past Summer. And if my children want to work instead of sitting inside the central a/c of the bungalow all day, that fills me with joy. They’ve always helped me with the grass so they were pretty well acquainted with the tools. But my kids hadn’t worked with a hedge trimmer. So we practiced on our hedge. Just so happens in our practice, my kids went down a few inches. Of course, it’s not so short that it destroyed the hedge. That thing can’t be destroyed. However, it’s going to be some time before the HVAC component is blocked from sight again by the hedge. I just hope the HOA can see reason and stop threatening me because of this minor infraction.

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