Trying to help the HOA be reasonable about my HVAC situation

It’s not like I’m outside sunbathing in the nude.

  • For sure, if I was the HOA or anybody else, I wouldn’t want to see that from the street.

But the fact is my transgression is far less intense than a middle aged naked man in the yard. No, my transgression revealed that I have HVAC equipment next to my home. There is some obscure rule the HOA says I’m breaking because my HVAC unit can be seen from the street. Now, one would have to be at the perfect angle on the street to catch even a glimpse of the HVAC equipment. Still, it’s possible. But the situation is also quite temporary in nature as well. This all started when my son wanted to make some money this past summer. And if my kid wants to get out and hustle instead of sitting inside the central air conditioning of the house all day, I’m in. He’s always helped me with the lawn so he was pretty well acquainted with that stuff. But he hadn’t ever used a hedge trimmer. So we practiced on our privacy hedge. Just so happens in our practice, we cut it down a bit short. Of course, it’s not so short that it endangers the hedge. That thing is just about indestructible. However, it’s going to fall before the HVAC equipment is blocked from sight again by the hedge. And I’m doing my best to help the HOA be reasonable instead of all these threats of fines and the like.
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