Waiting for AC Parts to be Delivered

When the AC went out at our house last week, we did everything we could to keep what little cool air we had left inside.

  • Nobody dared to open a window or door because they feared that the cool air would escape.

Eventually, the cool air became warm and we were forced to acknowledge the issue. We called the HVAC company and requested service, which they were happy to do. Unfortunately, the HVAC company told us that our AC system needed a specific part, but it wasn’t in stock. It would take a week to be delivered to the shop, which meant that we’d be without AC for an entire week. This was devastating news because we knew we couldn’t survive in our house without AC. The temperature was reaching above ninety degrees every day and the humidity was thick. Thankfully, we had a family that was able to house us for the week while we didn’t have AC. It was a long and uncomfortable week living in someone else’s house, but we didn’t have another choice. When a week passed by, we called the HVAC company about having our AC system fixed. To our surprise, the part we needed still wasn’t in yet and they predicted that we’d need another whole week! Thankfully, our family was gracious enough to host us for a second week. By the end of the second week, we were thrilled when the HVAC company called to tell us that the part had been delivered and they were ready to install it.

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