Was not expecting the cooling machine to have issues

The resting area was basically as warm as the kitchen environment.

Resetting the control unit was totally not helping! It was 3 hours before it was time to open the Italian restaurant, and we would not let guests into such a warm area. I was covered in sweat through my uniform, and the clock was ticking. I reached out to the cooling corporation, and they had yet to get back to me. I finally ran out of patience. Before I could call them back, there was a cooling representative who walked into the restaurant. I instantly led him to where the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C machine was so that he could fix the complication. I could not understand how it already needed air conditioner machine repair, considering it was a current cooling system. The restaurant owner had researched the best technology that the cooling industry offered, but she consulted a cooling machine expert who helped her choose among the machines they had listed best suited for a restaurant. They finally devised the ideal cooling equipment: a mini-split cooling machine. The replacement of the quality cooling system was relatively 3 weeks ago, so finding out something was wrong with it was a shock. After a thorough inspection, the cooling machine tech informed me there was nothing wrong with the machine; the only problem was that someone had tampered with the preset settings on the control unit. I was pretty stunned to learn that it was as easy as that. It was something we could have fixed ourselves. Obviously, we need to know more about air conditioner machines. Having the best cooling gadgets is not all that you need to help with indoor comfort.



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