Water and Sleep are Two Vital Things for Happiness

I think without water or sleep it would be very difficult to be happy.

  • Well, actually without either of them for too long you wouldn’t be alive so they are pretty important for happiness.

I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights and it was very tough to maintain a positive attitude without sufficient rest. I also know that without water you can get tired and cranky too. Having a job at the local business and being productive each day is also key to happiness. I like to have a couple hobbies that I enjoy doing regularly to also give a boost to my happiness level. Having cold air conditioning in my flat during a hot summer really helps me sleep well and keeps me comfortable all day long while I work online. Today I may play some drums later when it cools down and possibly even bring my sound system out so we can sing a bit. I am working for the local contractor each week doing commercial AC installs but today is Saturday so I have the weekend free and am planning on just having fun and relaxing with my buddies. I also need to call my mom as it has been a while since we chatted and I miss hearing her soothing voice. My mom used to work in the HVAC industry as an HVAC rep but has since retired and spends a lot of her free time knitting our family some cool clothes and blankets. I really miss my mom’s cooking too. Please, call your momma!

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