We have a Heating and AC unit next to our home

We are not guilty of going outside sunbathing in the nude.

  • For sure, if we were the HOA or anybody else, we would find that as a huge offense.

But the fact is our issue is far less intense than two naked men in the yard. No, our issue revealed that we have Heating & A/C equipment next to our bungalow. There is some archaic rule the HOA says we’re going against because our Heating & A/C component is now visible from other homes. Now, someone must be at the perfect angle on the street to catch even a glimpse of the Heating & A/C equipment, but they can. Fortunately, this issue is quite temporary in nature as well. See, our child wanted to make some money this past summer. And if our kid wants to get out and work instead of being inside with the central cooling unit of the house all afternoon, we support that. He’s always helped us with the grass so we were pretty sure he’d do great. The only issue was he was new to hedge trimming. So we let him practice on our private hedge. Just so happens in his practicing, he trimmed the hedge a few inches short. Of course, it’s not so short that it endangers the hedge since we have the best. However, it’s going to require time for the Heating & A/C equipment to be blocked from sight again by the hedge. And we’re doing our best to help the HOA be supportive instead of all these threats of fines and the like.


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