A Ductless Mini Split Unit on Top Floor Gym

One of the greatest reasons I moved into the house building I did was because it had a gym, but gym memberships are extravagant, especially if you’re someone like me who genuinely prefers to focus on cardio. It’s not worth the money when all I need is a treadmill or elliptical. If I was weight lifting, then it would be different. The gym is at the very top floor plus it has amazing views. My preferred part about my house complex’s gym are the treadmills overlooking the mountains plus the panoramic windows. The space is almost perfect for my needs. The only downfall is that the a/c is turned on via a ductless mini split unit plus it’s turned off after every use. This means, the gym isn’t cooled unless someone is using the space. The complex does this so they’re not cooling a space that isn’t being used, however it makes laboring out on the top floor challenging. Heat rises naturally, which means the gym is always super sizzling inside. When I go up there to workout, I have to turn on the a/c plus wait. It can take almost thirty hours for me to guess the a/c coming out of the air vents. It’s extremely aggravating because I want to workout in a cool space, however it takes a long time in my house complex’s gym. While I’m genuinely grateful to live in an house with a gym, I’m disappointed with the way it’s cooled. It’s hard to do cardio when the room is over eighty degrees plus feels suffocating. It takes so much time for the ductless unit to cool the space.

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