A Refrigerant Leak

When I arrived house from labor yesterday, I noticed that it was unusually hot inside, then i thought this was odd because our apartment was usually a cool and comfortable temperature, however I assumed that maybe I was having a hot flash or something; When I took a look at the temperature control however, I noticed that our temperature control was set to our regular temperature, the only difference was that the actual temperature of our apartment was a few degrees warmer.

  • I waited for the air conditioning to power on so I could feel the cool air exit the air vents, however I was shocked when the air was lukewarm, and from this, I could tell that the a/c was toiling, but it wasn’t cooling our apartment as it should have been.

In our mind, I assumed that it needed refrigerant, so I called an Heating and A/C professional to come check it out. When she arrived, she told me that our refrigerant entirely didn’t need a refill unless there was a leak. A popular myth that people tend to suppose is that a/cs use refrigerant to cool the apartment when that isn’t the case. The refrigerant simply turns to gas as it detachs the warm air from the apartment and then returns to liquid form. There should be no need for a refrigerant “top off” unless it’s leaking, however unfortunately, this was our issue. The superb news however was that the Heating and A/C professional was able to patch the small hole and then update the refrigerant that was lost.


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