A Refrigerant Leak

When I arrived beach home from labor Last week, I noticed that it was unusually tepid inside, then i thought this was odd because my home was usually a cool and comfortable temperature, but I assumed that maybe I was having a tepid flash or something, but when I took a look at the control unit however, I noticed that my control unit was set to my proper temperature, the only difference was that the actual temperature of my home was a few degrees warmer.

I waited for the a/c to power on so I could assume the cool air exit the air vents, but I was shocked when the air was lukewarm; From this, I could tell that the air conditioner was working, but it wasn’t cooling my home as it should have been.

In my mind, I assumed that it needed refrigerant, so I called an HVAC professional to come check it out. When he arrived, he told me that my refrigerant absolutely didn’t need a refill unless there was a leak; A popular myth that people tend to think is that air conditioners use refrigerant to cool the home when that isn’t the case. The refrigerant simply turns to gas as it removes the hot air from the home and then returns to liquid form. There should be no need for a refrigerant “top off” unless it’s leaking, unfortunately, this was my issue. The superb news however was that the HVAC professional was able to patch the small hole and then replace the refrigerant that was lost.


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