Dad taught me a lot about the value of HVAC

I guess when you were raised in this area without any sort of residential HVAC, you tend to value HVAC technology a bit differently.

That was most certainly the case with my dad. Our family comes from this region since they came over on the boat. Family roots go back generations and I’m one of the generations that’s still here. While I grew up in this region just like my dad, I grew up with central air conditioning. I’ve never known a home or an office that didn’t have residential HVAC or commercial HVAC. Still, I hold the value of quality heating and air very high. That comes from my dad. He grew up in a time where they had to get up before 3 in the morning in order to get the work on the farm done. That’s how they dealt with the fierce heat and humidity. There wasn’t a thermostat to move or anything like that. No, the best dad could hope for was some decent shade and a breeze or a fan. But it really did make him appreciate the HVAC and the HVAC equipment. Only an HVAC professional was even allowed to work on the HVAC unit. And dad made sure the HVAC equipment got plenty of HVAC maintenance as well. I’m the same way with the heating and cooling equipment in my home. Every fall there is the heating maintenance and that’s followed in the spring with an air conditioning tune up. No doubt that I’m lucky to live in an era where I don’t have to worry as much about the heat and humidity. That’s because HVAC cooling is just a way of life these days.

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