Getting fit in the basement with the help of some ductless HVAC

I’m so thankful that I finally found the will and commitment to change my lifestyle.

For the majority of my life, I haven’t exactly taken care of myself.

It’s not that I abused myself either. It’s just that I went from sitting inside the commercial HVAC of the office to then sitting in my recliner with the residential HVAC going. And the only other thing I was doing was working, feeding my face and watching TV. It was not a healthy lifestyle at all. So I decided to change all that up once we got quarantined to the central air conditioning of our home two years ago. Well really, the first six months of being cooped up inside the quality heating and air of the house was all about watching as much TV as I could. Oh and eating all the bad stuff I wanted. Quickly though, I realized that this was the time to make real and lasting changes. So that’s what I aimed to do. And I started it all off by getting out of the air conditioning for a walk or standing inside the air conditioning while I worked. Then, I tackled the diet. That was really tough but soon after, I really started seeing results. This motivated me to add ductless HVAC to the basement and start a home gym. These days, I actually enjoy going to the gym in my house. It’s motivating to know that I’m going to enjoy great air conditioning while I’m working out. That’s turned out to be a much bigger motivator than anything else.


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