Half of the house arrived on Monday and the other half on Friday

A modular building or home is a prefabricated construction that consists of different sections.

All of the sections can be created in a warehouse and then delivered individually to a single site.

The prefabricated sections are put together by a construction crew. Modular homes are not as expensive as traditional homes. I considered many different types of homes when I bought a piece of property. At first I was just going to put a mobile home on the property. I looked at several different mobile homes that were affordable and very nice. When I saw the modular home builders, I fell in love with one certain floor plan. I liked the split floor plans that had the bedrooms on one side and the rest of the house on the other. Both of the sections of the modular home were supposed to be delivered on monday. The construction crew was ready and waiting to work on the installation procedure. Unfortunately, only one of the pieces arrived on monday. Half of the house arrived one day and the other half of my house arrived two days later. Construction was set back by 2 days while we waited for the other half of my house. That was really the only problem that we had the whole time that the house was being built. It only took a few months to go from a flat piece of land to a home with a grassy lawn, driveway, and privacy fence. My house looks the same as most of the other homes in the neighborhood. I don’t think you could easily tell that it was modular unless you were looking at the bones and the foundation.


Modular Kitchens