He told me I needed SEO on my website.

He said that people may get to my website, but there was nowhere for them to sign up

I knew I had an excellent website. Everyone who looked at it thought it looked wonderful and I had a lot of information on it. My question was: If it is such an excellent website, why wasn’t it getting me any business? Isn’t the whole idea of having a website, the ability to give people enough information so they will call the HVAC company and make an appointment or ask a question? The problem was that I couldn’t tell if I was getting any traffic on my website. Anyone who talked to me about it looked at it when I gave them a web address. I started doing some research and found there were online marketing companies that work on web design and development. Most of them had an HVAC specialist that could help the HVAC company with their websites. When I called the phone number on the website, I asked about their HVAC specialist. They put me through to a man who told me his name was Gary and asked how he could help? After discussing the problem I had with the website, he asked for the web address. He asked for a couple of minutes, and I waited. When he came back on, he said I needed some SEO, and I needed a landing page. I didn’t know what a landing page was, but I was sure it was important. He said that people may get to my website, but there was nowhere for them to sign up. He wanted to add some SEO and attach it to social media ads. He would create accounts for me and many of the social media ads, and give me a working landing page, and he thought it would make a world of difference.

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