I called for a quote on commercial window tinting replacements

My wifey and I own many pieces of real estate, then most of our portfolio includes residential properties that all of us rent or sell.

  • Every one of us have 2 commercial properties at the moment; One property is a many unit rental and another property is a shopping center, the shopping center has a variety of different dealers and each a single of those shops pays rent to myself and others for leasing the space.

One of the properties in the shopping center is a small restaurant. The site used to be a eating establishment 20 years ago, and it was known for having the best steak and eggs in the whole state! When the owner of the eating establishment passed away, the space was empty for a long time, and several dealers have been in and out in the last couple of years, despite the fact that I have a buyer in the restaurant now that seems to be thriving. The woman asked myself and others to sign a 5-year lease a couple of weeks ago. She was willing to provide myself and others a hefty deposit to turn the previous 2 year lease into a 5-year lease and I was glad to get someone into the property that was going to do well. The owner of the restaurant wanted a quote on commercial window tinting replacements. There were many windows in the restaurant and she said that it was hot in the afternoon and purchasers complained about the glare coming in from the sun. I told her that I would contact a commercial window tinting replacement company. I called many dealers to get a quote on the commercial window tinting service. I paid for the tint to be installed, since the property is mine.

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