I love chilling in the attic these days

When you live inside a condo with wonderful quality heating and air, you love to kick back and relax in that central air conditioner comfort.

But when the entire place, other than yourself, is all female, that’s pretty challenging to do.

I’m being a dad or partner all the time. Believe me, I wouldn’t have it any other way for sure. Still, it was such a challenge to find a spot where I could just sort of hide out. I hate to use that term but it’s the most accurate to be honest. Our condo is nice sized and comes with wonderful residential Heating, Ventilation and A/C. But all the space is totally used. The basement isn’t really finished off and is pretty much the laundry room anyway. So finding a location where I could just relax a bit in the air conditioner comfort wasn’t materializing. And then, it hit me. The attic in our condo is basically finished. There are plywood floors and sheetrocked walls. The only thing we were using it for was storage. So I moved all that stuff down to the basement and made the choice to make this finished attic my hiding spot. But clearly, I would need some heating and cooling. That’s where the Heating, Ventilation and A/C device professionals came in. They came out to install a ductless heat pump inside my attic. And I just can’t believe how fantastic the air conditioner is with the ductless heat pump. So now, I have that spot where I can appreciate the air conditioner device in peace. It’s pretty taxing to tell if I’m in the attic so I don’t get numerous ladies trying to find me. That’s just more air conditioner comfort from the ductless heat pump for me.


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