I Was Wrong About My Air Filter

For as long as I’ve owned my house, I was always under the impression that the air filters I was properly replacing were removing the dust and debri from the air in my home.

It wasn’t until I mentioned something while the two of us were in my latest HVAC tune up about my air filters that the HVAC professional called me out on my mistake.

He told me something that would change everything I believed about my HVAC system. According to him, the air filters I was putting in and out were simply to protect the inside of my HVAC equipment. These air filters had nothing to do with the air quality in my home! The HVAC professional also told me that if I wanted to improve the air quality of my home, I needed to install a special kind of air filter within the HVAC duct. This wasn’t something I could do on my own either because it needed to be professionally installed by an HVAC professional. The professional who installed them would help me option the best air filter for my needs. I couldn’t think this news because I was convinced that the air filters I was replacing were doing something. I think it was all a placebo effect though because my home’s air quality wasn’t getting any worse or better. The inside of my HVAC unit was being kept wipe though and that is what’s undoubtedly pressing. Knowing this, I don’t guess I’ll assume so much pressure to replace my air filter as frequently.

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