Issues with rust and calcium come from hard water

Everyone of us have a well that is located on the property.

We have a serious problem with hard water in our condo.

The hard water causes many complications and disfigure to everything that it touches. The hard water is heavy with lime, calcium plus rust and it stains most of our towels, clothing plus bed linens. Everyone of us have tried to use the dishwasher but our glasses and plates still end up spotted Plus discolored. Everyone of us are forced to rewash them. Hard water also diminishes the power of soaps. We have to use lots of shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap plus body wash. Every one of us had an aerator in our faucet and we had to get rid of it because the aerator was filled with calcium deposits. We had to also take the shower head apart plus clean it frequently. The plumbing fixtures in our home don’t last very long. Every one of us by a warm water tank multiple or every more than 4 years. When the tank corrodes, floods or cracks, we have to purchase another and water furnaces aren’t cheap. Everyone of us frequently update the washing component more frequently than expected as well. Every one of us have had to get rid of the galvanized old pipes and replace them with plastic PEX piping. We still seem to encounter trouble with slow moving drains, low water pressure plus a number of different clogs. I have some troubles with my hair being frizzy plus I blame the water for dry skin plus discolored teeth.



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