My sister’s dinner party got ruined

My sister Jen tried to host a dinner party last week, and it just did not turn out the way that she had planned it to.

Jen worked legitimately strenuously on it and so I felt pretty excruciating for her when everything went sideways the day of the party.

Of course, that it went so wrong legitimately had nothing to do with Jen at all. It entirely had to do with the fact that her air conditioning system broke that morning and Jen wasn’t able to get an air conditioning system repairman to her apartment to get it fixed in time for the big event. Everyone was booked up doing other air conditioning system repairs that day, and Jen could not find anyone to come and task on the A/C at the last hour. I felt so excruciating for Jen when she called myself and others up crying to tell myself and others what was going on with her party. The whole thing was stressing her out sizable time, and Jen wanted to ask myself and others what I thought she should do. I finally told Jen that she should just transfer everything out to the back deck because at least all of us would be sitting in the shade and the weather would be cooling off after the sun went down. I think that the indoor air quality inside the small apartment is just bad whenever the air conditioning system isn’t finally working, so that was my suggestion. Jen entirely took my advice, and everything went okay. It wasn’t what she had pictured, however it would have been much worse if all of us had been all trapped inside of a humid and stuffy apartment without any air conditioning system.

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