Nothing turned out as planned

My sister Ed hosted a lunch get together last week, plus it just did not turn out the way that she had planned it to.

Ed worked so hard on it plus so I felt pretty bad for her when everything went sideways the very day of the get together.

Of course, the fact that it went wrong truly had nothing to do with Ed at all. It really had more to do with the fact that her air conditioner proposal tore up that morning plus Ed wasn’t able to get an air conditioner repair pro to her home to get it fixed in time for her gettogether. Everyone was booked up doing other air conditioner repairs that day, plus Ed could not find anyone to come plus work on the A/C at the last second. I felt so bad for her when Ed called me up crying to tell me what was going on with the get together. The whole thing was stressing Ed out massive time, plus she wanted to ask me what I thought she should do. I finally told Ed that she should just move everything out to the back deck because at least Ed and I would be in the shade plus the weather would be cooling off after the sun went down. I think that the indoor air pollen levels inside her home were just bad when the air conditioner wasn’t really working, so that was our suggestion. Ed really took our advice, plus everything went okay. It wasn’t what Ed had pictured, but it would have been a whole lot worse if the people I was with and I were all stuck inside of a tepid plus stuffy home without any air conditioner.