Promotion Saved me 40% on a New AC System

When I visited the local hardware store last week, I noticed a promotion they were running by the checkout counter. If you signed up for their credit card, then you could receive 40% off your first purchase. Normally, I wouldn’t participate in something like this because I already have a credit card. On this day though, I was intrigued because I had a large purchase coming up and I could really use that 40% off. I needed a new air conditioning system and it was going to cost me several thousand dollars to have it installed. Before signing up for the credit card though, I took an information packet home with me and I read all the fine print. I wanted to be sure that I could use it on the air conditioning system that I wanted. It wasn’t worth signing up for if I couldn’t. Thankfully, there was nowhere in the fine print about not being able to use it, so I went ahead and registered for the card. This turned out to be one of the best financial decisions I ever made because it saved me thousands of dollars. I was able to charge the air conditioning system to the credit card and then I was reimbursed for 40%. I also was able to pay off the new AC system within a matter of months so there was no interest gained. I’m really glad that I saw that promotion during one of my visits to the hardware store.

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