Sealing The Doors and Windows Every Other Year for Efficiency

Every year, when the summer months begin to bleed into the fall months, I begin to prep my HVAC system for the seasonal change.

In a matter of weeks, this region goes through a major temperature shift and I like to have my air conditioning system and furnace prepared.

The first thing I do is hire an HVAC technician to come service my entire HVAC system. The HVAC technician is responsible for inspecting the equipment to make sure everything is working properly and they also do some light tuning where needed. It’s essential for me to have an HVAC tune up during this time because it ensures that my HVAC equipment is running as it should be. It’s the single best thing I can do to improve the lifespan of both my furnace and air conditioner. This year, along with hiring the HVAC technician, I’ve also decided to go around and reseal the doors and windows. This is something I do every other year because my house is old and there are a lot of cracks that let the air escape. Even though I have a great HVAC system that runs efficiently, it’s inefficient for me to leave the cracks unsealed because it creates more work for my HVAC system. Sealing the doors and windows takes an entire afternoon, but it’s a relatively simple task. I can get the sealant and tools from the hardware store and save the leftover materials for the next time. Doing this has made a big difference in my HVAC efficiency.


a/c rep