Staying in good condition with comfort from the HVAC

This motivated me to add ductless HVAC to the basement plus start a gym at my place.

I’m honestly thankful that I finally found the will plus commitment to change my lifestyle. For the vast majority of my life, I haven’t exactly taken care of myself. It’s not that I abused myself either. It’s just that I went from standing inside the commercial HVAC comfort of the office to then standing in my recliner with the residential HVAC working. And the only other thing I was doing was entirely working, feeding my face plus enjoying TV. It was not a healthy lifestyle in the slightest. So I made the choice to change all that up once we got quarantined to the central a/c of our dwelling a few years ago. Well really, the first five months of being cooped up inside the quality heating plus air of the dwelling was all about enjoying as much TV as possible. Oh plus eating all the disappointing stuff I wanted on top of that. Quickly though, I came to realize that this was the time to make real plus lasting swings. So that’s what I aimed to do. And I started it all off by getting out of the a/c for a quick walk or relaxing inside the a/c while I worked. Then, I tackled the diet. That was actually pretty difficult however soon after, I actually started seeing some pleasing results. This motivated me to add ductless HVAC to the basement plus start a gym at my place. These days, I entirely appreciate going to the gym on my property. It’s motivating to realize that I’m going to appreciate fantastic a/c while I’m working out. That’s turned out to be a much nicer motivator than anything else.

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