The AC went Out in The Gymnasium

When my kid told me that she wanted to sign up for volleyball, I thought it would be a superb idea.

She was always undoubtedly romantic about athletic hobbys and this seemed like a superb fit for her athletically.

Her hand and eye coordination was superb and a lot of her friends were playing too. What I appreciated most about her playing volleyball though was the fact that it was played inside a gym. I was tired of resting outside in a field with horrible weather conditions. The plan of resting inside a gymnasium where there was a/c and shade from the sun sounded like a retreat. That’s why, when it was time for our daughter’s first tournament, I was more than happy to sit in the gym all morning long. That was, until I realized that AC was out while the two of us were in the morning of the tournament and it felt like I was baking inside an oven. The university did everything they could by providing free water, opening the doors, and blasting their industrial fans from every corner, despite the air flow (or what little air there was), it was a angry time. At one point, I contemplated going beach home just to change clothes. I was dressed to sit in an air conditioned gym, not a sweaty, humid, and tepid gym that was start to odor. Thankfully, this was the only time the AC went out while the two of us were in a tournament and I don’t care to ever experience it again. Now, I keep my car packed with extra clothes and a portable fan just in case.

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