The Apartment Had a ductless System

I was undoubtedly hesitant about renting an house without central heat or air.

Where I live, the summers are tepid and the winters are mild. Knowing this, I knew that I needed some sort of a/c and I always thought that it would come in the form of central AC… Central AC was all I ever knew when it came to cooling a residence. I could have absolutely survived without a heating system, but it would have been uncomfortable. Although the house I rented didn’t have a central HVAC system, it did have a ductless mini split system. I had no knowledge about ductless mini split systems, but the property owner made it seem easy enough. There were remotes that controlled each unit and they could heat or cool the space. The only suggestion that the property owner had was that I keep the temperature consistent throughout the rooms. For instance, if I had the AC set to 73 degrees in my residing room, I should keep my family room around the same temperature. This would keep the ductless mini split units from competing with each other and my energy consumption would be low. I took his advice and I’ve grown to undoubtedly adore the ductless system. They’re easy to use and they do an excellent job at keeping my home at a comfortable temperature. They’ve also kept my energy consumption low. I don’t assume why I was so hesitant to transfer into a place with ductless units in the first place. I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

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