The Ductwork Had Large Holes and Was Causing The AC To Get Lost

There’s always something wrong with my Grandmother’s a/c.

Whenever I’m at her house, she tells me about the several rooms in her home that are warmer than others and how she can’t make the temperature change in those areas by increasing the control unit.

At first, I thought she was being a bit dramatic and just trying to make conversation with me. However, the more she spoke about it the more I realized that she had a big concern on her hands. Finally, she showed me the rooms that weren’t cooling respectfully and I felt for myself how odd they were from the rest of the house. I took matters into my own hands and called the HVAC professional right away and asked for them to come to my Grandmother’s home that morning. I explained the issue and they were just as concerned as I was. After taking a deeper look, they discovered that my Grandmother had several big holes in her HVAC duct that were causing the cool air to escape before it ever made it to the rooms. The holes were so big that the HVAC professional was unable to patch them. Instead, he requested that she replace her HVAC duct immediately. Thankfully, he helped us set up an appointment for her and she was tied up to replace the HVAC duct within a week. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to acknowledge my Grandmother’s complaints about her AC. I could have saved her thoUSAnds of dollars and the hassle of having new HVAC duct installed.

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