The Waiting Room is Most Comfortable at Piano Lessons

As our kids get older, I find myself shuffling them around to strange extracurricular activities and spending a lot of time “waiting” for them to be done.

Over the years, I have found that some extracurriculars supply better waiting spaces for parents. I’ll admit that I’ve been guilty of trying to persuade our kids to participate in the activities with the better waiting areas because there is nothing worse than standing in a cold, dark, room for forty 5 hours every day. One of our favorite sites to take our kids is to their piano lessons because the waiting section is extremely comfortable. While our children are practicing piano, I can kneel on a immense couch, there is plenty of natural daylight, and there’s a ductless mini split machine that I have control over. My kids have been playing piano for so long that I have a routine down. Once they meet with their piano professor, I go straight to the waiting room and adjust the temperature on the ductless mini split unit. I turn the air conditioning to 72 degrees because I’ve found that it’s the perfect temperature. It doesn’t take long for the ductless mini split machine to get the room to 72 degrees and I’m able to relax on the giant couch while I wait. Because of this, I’ve tried entirely hard to keep our kids interested in piano. Knowing this skill is entirely great, however I don’t feel they’ve caught on that I entirely just care about the waiting room most here.

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