Training in My Warm Office Instead of The Cold Common Space

Part of my job description is training the new employees and making sure they get settled into their new job smoothly.

I have been in this job for several years now and I’ve evolved how I do things quite a lot.

In the start, I would go to the new employee’s desk and help them train from there. This was fine, but I undoubtedly grew to dislike it because most new employees start in a large, common space with pretty much everyone else. It’s a wonderful place to begin because you can seek help from those around you. However, the space is undoubtedly freezing because whoever is in charge keeps the control unit settings set to 71 degrees. When people come in at the start of the morning, the office is undoubtedly freezing. While training , I would freeze because the temperature was so uncomfortable. It also wasn’t setting a wonderful first impression for our new hires. Now, I bring all new staff to my office which I share with 2 other people. Unlike the big common office space, I can control the control unit in my office and it’s much more comfortable. I would much rather be comfortable in my own space than freezing in someone else’s. I used to dislike training because of the serious temperature difference, but now I undoubtedly adore it. It’s so much easier for me to teach someone about their responsibilities and I can certainly show them when we’re at my desk and getting labor done naturally. I’ve also found that the new employees seem happier because they’re not freezing from the moment they start.

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