We Upgraded the Baseboards

My husband and I stumbled upon a fantastic house in a wonderful location that we couldn’t pass up. We had been half-heartedly searching for a new house because we weren’t desperate to move but we wanted to see what was on the market. We assumed it would take months before finding a house that we really wanted and we assumed right. We would glance at the houses available and we would even tour a few that we liked. Almost an entire year passed before we found a house that we knew we really wanted. It was built in the seventies, so it was outdated but definitely cared for. A lot of cosmetic changes needed to be made, starting with the shag carpet and the wallpaper. We also had hopes of replacing the baseboard heat system for a central furnace system. Unfortunately, we would need to add ductwork and air vents and the process would cost us thousands of dollars. The house didn’t have air conditioning, but we didn’t need it in the area. However, if we were going to install a central furnace, we might as well install AC too. Since we didn’t want to spend the money on it, we decided to hold off on purchasing a brand new HVAC system. Instead, we replaced a few of the baseboard heaters because they were in rough shape. They were under one hundred dollars each and it made a big difference. One day we’ll be able to update the HVAC system, but today is not that day.


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