2023 is Going to Be a Good Year for Making Money

I feel that 2022 was so bad with inflation that everyone, including the world itself, will be ready for a new change and that 2023 is going to be a year of shift in the markets.

It may not come till the summer of next year but I think it is going to be a different story next year with investing.

This means that now is the time to accrue shares and coins and put them away for safekeeping till they bloom next year. We can all make some money next year and be better off than we were this year I believe. I hope we do. I would like to get a new HVAC system installed by the end of next year or possibly the start of 2024. 2024 sounds so far away but in reality it is only a little more than a year from now. I am going to try and get a job next year at the HVAC contractor’s shop and make a little more money than this year. I’ve kind of just been gliding along making just enough to survive, but next year I would like to have a little buffer in the bank in case something pops up requiring funds. I’m getting a flatmate soon and am going to use that extra money to buy more coins over the next one2 months. It’s kind of like a bank account that earns a good amount of interest. And if we have a major bull run that interest can be quite a big chunk. Time is always the foreseer.


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