An accident that almost caused myself and others our life and all the expertise I had acquired as an air conditioning expert

It was a scene straight from a movie.

  • I was recently involved in an accident and suffered a head injury.

I was in the hospital for 3 weeks. Doctors then took care of myself and others with amnesia. I had short-term memory loss, and there was a opportunity I would regain it, but there was no particular timeline of when that would happen. I worked at a renowned air conditioning supplier as an air conditioning expert. I knew more about air conditioning than any other topic. I was coming from a friend’s meeting when a truck ran into me. When I woke up and understood what was happening, I had no option but to work at rereading our passion, and once I got better, I would take up more work orders offsite to familiarise myself with the cooling products and indoor air cleaning systems. The first morning back to work was emotional. I tried recalling how to change an air filter but couldn’t. For the rest of the morning, I studied multiple air conditioning installs from a manual. I hoped that when it came to the technical bit, muscle memory would save the morning. My fellow cooling techs and I designed the manual to help a junior cooling workman have a reference point for the procedures. In the next few weeks, I could accorporation the rest on tasks such as air conditioning tune-up in assisting capacity. Before that month’s end, I knew all about air conditioning services. I also led an air conditioning repair at a particular residential building. It took myself and others a few more weeks to grasp all the cooling products I knew before the accident. I may not be able to handle an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component like I used to, however I can recommend homeowners on which quality air conditioning best suits their homes.

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