Buying More While in the Basement of This Long Crypto Winter

Now is the time to be buying cryptos as they have been down in the basement for many months, just bobbling around and waiting for the winter to start thawing out.

I think it will last a few more months or so and then it will take off again and leave a lot of people wondering why they didn’t buy when it was so low.

I want to have one50 Compound coins when it’s all said and done and ride it till it reaches its peak, which will probably happen pretty quickly sometime in 2024 I am estimating. My HVAC pro friend told me now is the time to be buying and acquiring as many coins as possible. I am going to take his word for it because he knows this industry quite well as he has a local business that deals only with crypto investing. I don’t have much money now but am putting in what I can each month from the work I do at the HVAC company near me. I am also going to get a flatmate next month and drop that extra money in Compound each month while it is still low. It was at almost $one000 a coin last year but now it is down to about $60 so I am buying as many as I can afford. I will do more heating and cooling equipment repairs on the side to make even more money to invest. If it doesn’t take off and ends up dropping more and not coming back then I am finished.

Ductless multi split