Cats are Back on the Home Air Purifier Again Asleep

I have recently opened my sliding glass doors so the cats can go out and get some fresh air and sunshine. I think that they are okay and won’t jump off the third floor balcony as I have seen many other cats sitting on balconies in local businesses and homes around me. They normally hang out on the air purifier in the day but I would like for them to experience a bit of the outdoors without roaming the streets picking up dirt and fleas. I’m watching them each day to see how they act on the balcony and they usually seem to be safe and relaxed, mainly sitting in the sun on the floor of the balcony. I asked my heating and cooling expert friend, who has four cats of her own, and she told me once they are older they should be fine sitting on the balcony during the day. I close the doors at night because I think they might try to wander around outside if they find a way to jump from the balcony down to the next floor or wall. I have to go to the heating corp today and get a furnace filter for my HVAC system as I noticed the other day that I don’t even have a filter in the furnace at all. I guess it was taken out at one point for cleaning and then I forgot to put it back in. This is why I am thinking about getting a service plan with the HVAC company so I don’t have to remember the cleaning myself.

Cooling workman