Chaperoning the new cooling techs

We headed to a customer’s house one morning for air conditioning repair.

I had a team of five cooling techs with me; some were novices, while the rest had experience working on cooling products.

The customer had called the air conditioning business complaining that his HVAC unit had been acting up for a week. He explained that he had noticed decreased indoor air quality and comfort. There were also strange noises coming from the air conditioning install. When we got there and assessed the system, we found that one major part had a problem. The unit was quite old and soon needed replacement. As the senior air conditioning expert, I recommended that the customer consider replacing the system. The indoor air cleaning system was OK, but we needed to replace the air filter. After explaining a few things to the homeowner, he decided on a central air conditioning system. The type of unit was usually quiet and produced minimal noise. He would also need to keep up with air conditioning service to ensure the long life span of the equipment. With regular air conditioning tune-up, the system would always be running optimally, and the cost will be small in case of a breakdown. The homeowner asked if he had a role to play in caring for the quality air conditioner, and I gave him a few tips he could implement. However, he would have to leave the rest to the cooling workman. It was an excellent opportunity for the novices to learn about the equipment and how to handle homeowners and other customers. Sometimes I found teaching more exhausting than the technical bit of the work because on such days; I went home more tired than on the other days.

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