Drastic drop

We have had quite a drastic drop in temperatures over here.

Just today it was almost 90 degrees in the day and then when night hit it was down to the 40’s! I had my central air conditioning on in the day and then at night I actually had to turn on my central heating.

I did not see any of this coming so it was quite a shock when I was sleeping and then got woke up by freezing my tail off. I had thought maybe my central heating and air conditioning system was broken and cranking out too much air conditioning. But the fact of the matter was that the outside temperatures had gone all the way down to the 40’s and that my central air conditioning was in fact not running at all. I got up and went to the thermostat on the wall in my hallway and turned up the central heating real high to warm up the place as fast as I could. I had wished that I had a portable space heater in a situation like this, because the portable space heater would have warmed up the room so fast. Much faster than any central heating and air conditioning system unit could. So once the heating actually warmed up things I was able to go back to sleep and felt better. I know that this is the season that things are going to get crazy with the temperatures, so I will get used to turning on my central heating before I go to bed!