Going to Train a Kid at the Beach Soon

I’ve become one of those old pro sports players that the kids all wanna be.

I used to play tournaments for years in beach volleyball and won money and prizes over the years but never made it to the top level of pros. I still had a great time playing and meeting all of the crazy players over the years. I’ve had so many fond memories and experiences from the sport and am now helping kids learn it so they can feel the same things. I work for the local business in my town selling HVAC equipment and doing some service calls on units in people’s homes. I also work for another local business selling surfboards and beach gear to the local surfers, which is a great job as it gets me around all of those carefree wave chasers. So today I need to run to the HVAC company and grab a furnace filter as mine is shot and needs to be replaced. Then I am going to come home and pack up my things and head to the beach to meet this kid and talk to him about a training regime. My HVAC tech buddy is going to meet me at the beach and we are going to try and play some games if there are enough nets. Sometimes we have too many players and not enough nets though so who knows if I will play today or not. I’ve been sitting home in the air conditioning and now it is time to go out and get some natural climate control and sun.

Heating technician