Goodies after installing a quality air conditioner in a biscuit factory

We had just come from doing an air conditioning tune-up in a school when we received another job order.

The central air conditioning system at the school had been in a less desirable state after schools reopened.

I was glad that the school had handled the situation since my child attends that school and would have had to endure poor indoor air quality during her classes. The school needed a cooling tech to assist with air conditioning service for the HVAC unit to resume working. The cleaning took us a long time, but after hours of cleaning it and replacing the air filter, we noticed an increase in the air quality. The new job order was at the old biscuit factory. Their quality air conditioner had blown up. Although no one got hurt and nothing was damaged, the unit was beyond any form of air conditioning repair. Now, they needed an air conditioning expert to recommend a good and reliable air conditioning install. The same air conditioning business would also handle the fitting process. When we got to the factory, it smelled of biscuits and childhood memories. The cooling workman proceeded to uninstall the old unit. The factory manager was impressed by the advanced cooling tech on the indoor air cleaning system. The manager had also requested we upgrade the regulator to a programmable thermostat that would intelligently study the temperature preference and set itself to do just that. The staff at the factory were pleased by the increased indoor comfort as it created a good working environment. The best part is that we each went home with a jumbo packet of their classic biscuits, which have been on the market for decades.
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