Happy First of October From the HVAC Techs

This month I have some fun things to look forward to.

One of them is my buddy’s Halloween party in a few weeks, which is also the day my dad was laid to rest in the cemetery.

My dad wrote a book called Words From A Graveyard way back in 1973 and it is probably no coincidence that he was buried on Halloween Night. The book contains poems my dad wrote when he and my mom separated with us two little kids. He worked in the HVAC industry doing a lot of work on heating and cooling systems and set all of us kids up nicely down the road when we are older. This is a good thing because I was running my own local business back in the states for a while but then I shut it down to pursue comedy, which needless to say hasn’t left me with so much money anymore. This pursuit kind of derailed my money making abilities as I was an engineer and now no longer do it because I’ve been out of the field for too long. I was building HVAC equipment, specializing in geothermal heat pumps and heated floor devices, but left it all behind to pursue the performing arts. I didn’t make much money doing stand up but sometimes you’ve gotta starve to feed the world. I still dabble in the HVAC field nowadays doing smart thermostat programming and heat pump repairs, but my main focus is still the arts, although now I have switched to a career in music. Have a good one.