Homemade chicken soup is the perfect meal today

My flat is going to be dreary and gray today with temperatures not expected to rise above 50F, so I will have to stay warm by turning on the central heating.

  • It’s a good time to make chicken soup since it’s a good comfort food on days like this.

I’m sure I made some and frozen it a while back, so I’ll look through the freezer to see if I can find it in a tupperware container. I enjoy eating some good bread with the soup, but I am out of bread, so I will have to visit the nearby business and purchase some. Several months ago, my HVAC specialist gave me the recipe for the soup and I made a large batch of it, but I am not sure if I consumed it all back then. As soon as I get to work tomorrow, I will see her and perhaps I will get another recipe from her since she is a talented chef. It is my intention today to program my smart thermostat for the upcoming winter as well as to clean the HEPA filter in the main unit. It has been several months since I cleaned it, and I am certain that it will be dirty and filled with dust. Tomorrow will be a big day of sports with all of my friends, so I will train my friend on the beach today at 5 p.m. After that, I will just take it easy the rest of the evening.



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