I Found the Answer to my Heating Dilemma; The Lottery!

This was my friend’s solution to retirement back when I was younger and it just sounds so ridiculous.

I know it’s not the answer but it’s nice to dream.

Actually, in all honesty, I would NOT want to win the lottery in the end because I know that for 85% of the people who won it ended up worse off than before the win. They were either bankrupt, dead, or in prison after five years of winning the cash. I couldn’t imagine getting 285 million dollars in one day after working at an HVAC company for $75 a day. It sounds like a dream but ends up being a nightmare. Your freedom is gone and your life gets very hectic and complicated. That doesn’t sound like a dream to me. The local business that sold the winning one.7 billion dollar ticket was swamped afterwards by people thinking they could win again from buying there. I am happy with my job working for the local contractor and not having my phone ring non stop with solicitors looking to take some of my money. All of your long lost “friends” and relatives end up reconnecting with you again “just to say hi”. My HVAC rep told me that you end up with a lot more stress and die younger after winning that kind of money. I know you’re saying “yeah, whatever, I’ll still take the money”, but what happens after you have everything you want and still feel empty inside? You would probably find a way to try and fill that emptiness with bad habits. Keep your job at the local business and just enjoy life, it doesn’t get any better.

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