I had carpal tunnel from the computer.

I had been laboring at the Heating & A/C supplier for almost many years when I noticed I was having stiffness plus pain in my hands.

I went to the dentist, plus he told me I had the start of carpal tunnel from laboring on the computer so much; Repetitive movements on the computer was the main source of carpal tunnel syndrome.

I went to toil the next day plus told the owner of the Heating & A/C supplier that I was going to sue him for worker’s compensation, he laughed plus didn’t guess I was serious. I told him that every time I wrote a toil order, or put notes into the computer, I was agitating the carpal tunnel plus could end up having surgery. He still thought I was kidding plus told me to rub some cream into my hands plus go back to work. I was a little distraught that he wasn’t taking me seriously. I was his oldest employee at the Heating & A/C supplier plus I never made fun of him, or I didn’t make fun of him very often, then along with being his employee, I was also his wife. He said I couldn’t sue him for worker’s comp since I was his wife. I was getting angrier by the hour because he still didn’t guess I had a carpal tunnel. I showed him the report the dentist had given me plus said I needed a couple of weeks off work. He told me that if I took off from the Heating & A/C supplier, he expected to have a cooked meal on the table every night. He had cooked meals on the table every night, whether I was laboring from condo or at the Heating & A/C supplier.


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