Ian has been an HVAC professional for many years

Ian prides himself as an excellent HVAC professional and loves his job.

  • In fact, he never quite sees himself doing anything else.

Some people do get into the HVAC profession out of necessity. But, deep down this isn’t their dream job or way of life. As for Ian, working as an HVAC professional would be number one. He always told his dad ever since he was 10 that he wanted to work in the HVAC industry. This happened after a local HVAC business owner came to their school to give an inspirational talk. The more the business owner spoke, the more curious Ian became about heating and cooling systems. He’d seen the HVAC professionals come to service and repair the unit in his home. But, it’s not until that day at school that he wanted to know more about these magnificent systems. After that day, each HVAC professional who came to their home was bombarded with questions. Ian wanted to know all about heating and cooling, and why the person chose to become a HVAC professional. There was one guy who was quite open to discussing the entire matter with Ian. He would even allow Ian to handle a few repair tools and show him how different mechanisms work to heat or cool a house. Ian went on to join a HVAC training college after high school and has been working in the industry for many years. As a way to pay it forward, he goes back to his old high school once a year to speak about his job and encourage the young minds to explore it.


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