I’m not sure how I forgot to change the air filter

It’s been so awesome moving back home with my folks.

I know many people read that and wonder how that can be. But, you have to meet my parents to understand. They’re some of the most loving people I have ever met. And I never quite appreciated that love and affection until I got pregnant. I was almost done with college when I got pregnant and I was so worried they’d be disappointed in me. They were and my dad even gave me a stern talk which was quite rare. But, I had no other option than to move back home when I was almost due and they were there. Now, it’s been two years since my daughter was born and she is the apple of their eyes. My parents never want her out of their sight and I’m happy she fills them with so much joy. I now work for a local company and take care of utilities at home including HVAC maintenance. These are some of the responsibilities I took over since I now have a full time job. In the area where we live, the weather can get extreme so having a functional HVAC system is a need. My folks invested in a quality and modern HVAC system about 6 years ago, and it still functions perfectly. This is largely because of regular HVAC maintenance by an HVAC expert from a local company. He comes to the house 3 times in a year to ensure the unit is cooling or heating the house as expected. And my only duty is to make sure I change the air filter once a month. I’m not sure how I forgot to change the air filter last month, but thankfully I remembered and did that yesterday.


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