Is Electric Heating Cheaper Than Air Conditioning?

Well, I just looked on Google for the answer and it isn’t so promising.

It said that heating a house uses about four times the amount that cooling uses so it looks like my power bills will go even higher.

I need to find another solution because the winters here can be brutally cold. Maybe I’ll just have to wear more clothes in the house and grin and bear it because there is no way I can afford heating bills of $2400 every two months. I don’t know how people are going to survive the winter when their incomes are barely enough to pay the rent. I will go and talk with the heating and cooling provider near me for some answers but we still have a couple of months till the cold season is upon us. I may have to let my cats sleep with me at night so we can all stay warm this winter. I guess they don’t mind because they have a fur coat on that acts as a nice (and cheap) heating device. I will do some research online and look for ways to save money this winter with heating the house. This place is very well insulated at least so I won’t have to heat it too much to get some comfort. Maybe heated floors would be cheaper than using the main HVAC system to warm the place but I’m not sure that they would heat it up enough here. Maybe I’ll just sleep in the sun next to my big sliding glass door.

heated floors