It’s great having a smart temperature control at home

My youngsters are our life.

It’s been such a hectic journey trying to raise 2 youngsters on our own.

But, this is so much better than being in a situation that would lead to more harm. My marriage wasn’t the best and finally I had to quit it to save myself and our youngsters. When I was leaving, they were old 5 and 7. But, now they’re full blown teens old 15 and 17. During the Summer holidays, they’re constantly at home while I head off to work. While our youngsters are well-behaved and don’t get into much trouble, they still make myself and others want to go mad. One issue I had to handle this past Summer was the overwhelming energy bill. See, whenever our youngsters think they’re not comfortable in the house, one heads over to the temperature control and fluctuations the settings. It’s important to set the temperature control and leave it be in summer. If you keep changing the settings, the a/c device ends up using more energy to cool your home. In June, I was forced to pay an energy bill that was almost $400! Upon arriving home, I tried to tell our youngsters this wasn’t satisfactory, however they didn’t seem to grasp the issue. They explained that it was constantly getting hotter so they had to change the temperature control settings. Eventually, I saw the best solution was to find a way to control the device myself and lock them out. I consulted with an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C expert who commanded myself and others to purchase and have his install a smart temperature control in our home. Now, if our youngsters attempt to change the temperature control, I get an alert and refuse to permit the fluctuations. This is the only way to ensure I get a normal energy bill.


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