Making a Veggie Burger and Some Eggs This Morning

It’s a fresh new day and I am starting off the month with a good vegetarian breakfast, that is if you call eggs vegetarian.

  • I think eggs should be in the gray area when it comes to vegetarianism or not as they really aren’t meat and don’t contain any dairy.

They are basically just blobs of protein and fat packaged neatly in a sealed container that doesn’t even need to be refrigerated. Did you know that? I sometimes leave eggs on the counter for a month or more and they are still fine. My HVAC rep told me that in the US you should refrigerate eggs and in Europe you don’t need to because of the prep in each country. That sounds kind of funny to me but I’ll still keep them on the shelf in my pantry. The pantry is much cooler than the rest of the kitchen and in my house I usually run the AC all summer so my house stays nice and cool. I am going to start limiting my AC usage though because I just got a crazy high power bill this past month and am going to have to slow down with the heating and cooling. I guess the rates have gone up almost double this past year so it is going to take a big bite out of my paycheck if I run the HVAC system too much. I will get some more fans for summer and as far as winter goes I’ll have to just wear more clothes in the home. It all works out somehow.