The two of us almost got lost while trying to find the lodge

My best buddy and I have known each other since we were 5 years old.

  • And it’s been so great having someone there that you can trust with every secret in your life.

However, distance can also bring other things to the surface. Recently, I came back from school and we reunited. But, something was different. I assume the distance had made our hearts fonder because we felt a modern attraction towards each other. Our families had constantly said we’d make a charming couple, however we were constantly afraid of losing the great friendship we had. Still, the feelings were there so we made the decision to go away to a remote lodge and explore what this is all about. On the drive to the lodge, wse almost got lost, however a local managed to supply us the right directions. The lodge was set in the most beautiful spot and it had an excellent gas furnace. It seems someone from the rental agency had turned on the heating proposal anticipating our arrival. This is because we felt so nice and moderate when we stepped in upon arriving at this magnificent site. Traveling while I was in Winter isn’t as romantic as it seems in the films. But, we had a odd drive that I assume pushed us to do so despite all the snow and ice on the road. Being in this moderate lodge felt so nice and we were grateful the heating proposal was laboring. The two of us lit a fire in the living room and set up a small dining locale on the floor that evening to have a heart to heart.

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