There's nothing better than homemade chicken soup on a cold day

The temperatures look like they won’t rise above 50F today, so I’ll need to keep my central heating on and stay warm in my flat.

I recommend making a big pot of chicken soup on days like this.

I think I made some a while back and frozen it, so I’ll check the freezer and see if I can find it in a tupperware container. It is good to eat some bread with soup, but I am out of bread, so I’ll have to go to the local business and get some. The HVAC specialist gave me the recipe for the soup a while back and I made a big pot of it, but I’m not sure if I ate all of it back then. Maybe I’ll get another recipe from her tomorrow when I go to work since she is such an amazing chef. I am going to program my smart thermostat for the winter and clean the HEPA filter in the main unit. I haven’t cleaned it in several months and I’m sure it’s dirty and filled with dust. This evening I will train my friend on the beach at 5pm and then take it easy the rest of the evening since tomorrow will be a big day of sports with all of my friends.

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