Treasure hunt during an HVAC unit installation

Sylvia is very playful for a history professor, and this is one of the qualities I love about her.

  • My wife will turn things into games and competitions to spice up our life.

I used to think lingerie was the way to go, but things are always a little different in typical Sylvia fashion. She recently started this treasure hunt game that I believe is leading up to a treasure of some kind. Sylvia had been leaving notes everywhere in the house and requesting that I do things that open up levels. I work for an air conditioning business as the lead air conditioning expert. My job takes me to different places every day, some I have been to, and some are new to me. Yesterday we were to go to the museum for a job. The HVAC unit had failed, and the cooling workman recommended the museum install air conditioning. We were there to install a new central air conditioning system. As we were installing the quality air conditioner, I found a treasure hunt clue in my bag, referring to something in the museum. I was so shocked at how she knew we would be working on the cooling products at the museum. I pushed thoughts of her away for later and focused on advising the customer on the importance of regular air conditioning tune-up. The customer opted to have an a/c reps handle changing air filters as they did any air conditioning repairs. They asked for recommendations on the ideal indoor air cleaning system besides the air conditioning service. I later found out that my wife had seen a post by one of the cooling techs from the office about how he was visiting the museum the next day, and my wife winged it hoping it would be my team.

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