Walk this way.

My father tells me I have a warped sense of humor.

Last week, I was laboring at the Heating & A/C supplier plus my father told me he had a job for me to do. I followed him into his office plus he tried to explain about the repair job. He said it was a new customer, plus he wanted to make sure she had a nice serviceman doing her work. He wanted me to go to the condo plus deliver her an estimate on the toil she needed done. When he said walk this way, I knew he meant to follow him into his office, although I copied his walk. The guys all starting laughing plus even the receptionist couldn’t help but laugh. He turned plus provided me what I call the evil eye plus I acted like I had done nothing wrong. When the two of us got into his office, he told me I had to deliver him more respect when the two of us were in the Heating & A/C office. He was my boss plus the owner of the Heating & A/C supplier plus not his dad. When I saluted plus said yes sir, he didn’t look him impressed. As I was walking out, I turned around plus called him Henry. He provided me an odd look plus said he was my father, plus I reminded him the two of us were laboring plus he was the owner of the Heating & A/C supplier plus I was an employee. He rolled his eyes plus told me to get out of his office. The receptionist laughed plus told me I was either going to get fired or disowned, plus I shook my head. I told her he loved me too much to do either.

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